Tuesday, 9 August 2022

5G in the hands of Lazy Bursa Malaysia : Hangat Hangat Tahi AYAM

Is a song from comedian,.actor turned singer Jalil Hamid, from his self titled maiden album which was released some time in. 1993.

MUHAMMAD Umar Swift,. must be one LUCKY, 57 year old , who is able to be employed  in this day and age,. when most people especially 50 year olds and above are finding it difficult to be employed.

THE above information on Muhammad Umar Swift, can be verified at VIEW :Simply Walk Street.

THE unlucky ones are the tax payers of Malaysia, as yet again Bursa Malaysia under the leadership of. Muhammad Umar Swift has been  caught with its pants down , sleeping on the JOB.

Ayam bermacam ayam
ada ayam kampung ayam hutan ayam siam
ayam turki ayam belanda
macam-macam perihal ayam
hangat-hangat tahi ayam

ON Monday,. there were multiple reports on Maxis and 5G in Malaysia.  The REPORTS were specifically centered on READ : Maxis risk missing out on the 5G network contracts and shares in Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) if they do not comply with Putrajaya’s terms by Monday.

MAXIS has a market  capitalisation of RM29.28  billion , though without 5G under Digital Nasional Bhd, much of that capitalisation will be no more BUT the shares have been RISING lately

CAN the OVER PAID chief executive  of Bursa Malaysia and those he manage  at the exchange get off their FAT BACKSIDES and query Maxis Bhd on the Monday reports . Or is that too much to ask for ????