Saturday 20 August 2022

State of the Malaysian Nation : Bully

is the lead singer from Shinedown's fourth album Amaryllis which was released in 2012.  Though not a familiar name here, the rock group is pretty big in the USA, and is the current record holder wirh most number one singles on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts.

THE level of abuse Najib Razak has taken online in recent days, have been unbelievable. Are we a nation filled with trolls and online bullies? 

All you’ll ever be is a fading memory of a bullyMake another joke while they hang another rope so lonelyPush them to the dirt till the words don’t hurt can you hear meNo one’s gonna cry on the very day you die you’re a bully
We don’t have to take this back against the wallWe don’t have to take this we can end it all.

THE herd mentality ,.one suspects is playing it's role in building upwards content that insults, humiliates and bullies the former Prime Minister, without realising that the real laugh is actually on them.

WILL the end of the Najib Razak case , mean that we have won the battle against corruption or is Najib Razak being used as a patsy to cover up many of the names in the Ultra kirana's little book. READ :  Who is Ultra Kirana's China partner that allegedly paid millions to Malaysian politicians?

FOR the record atleast two board members of Privasia are closely associated with Westport's Ruben Emir Gnalingam, a personal friend of Khairy Jamaluddin.

  PRIVASIA's managing director Puvanesan Subenthiran was the CFO in   Ruben's Makmal Jaya Group,.while it's deputy CEO Andre Anthony used to work in  Westport