Saturday, 27 August 2022

Ismail Sabri : Will You Be There

is the longest solo song ever recorded in a studio by Michael Jackson.   The song is the eight single from the mega star's 1991 Dangerous album.

DANGEROUS obstacle lays in front of Malaysia's luckiest person in 2021,. Ismail Sabri if he has the desire to try his luck to maintain the Prime Ministership beyond 2022.

They told meA man should be faithfulAnd walk when not ableAnd fight 'til the end

ISMAIL Sabri is far from perfect but at the same time, when it mattered,.the Prime Minister has placed Malaysia before party priorities .

THE ball now is in Ismail Sabri's court. IF he really wants to keep the PM job,.then he has to come to the ground,. play ball and play to win.  Will he be there, only the Prime Minister knows.