Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Ismail Sabri's MARA Digital Mall :. Yang Kaya semakin Kaya!.

is from 1997 formed band of bands, the punk outfit called Marjinal, one of the foremost and reliable punk brand name in the Malay archipelago .

 MAHDZIR Khalid, the Rural Development minister,. must be so proud of himself ,. now that he has got Ismail Sabri's attention. 

Jilat-menjilat itu mah sudah biasa
Tikam sana tikam sini dan siap memangsa
Hei, hei, tai asu
Yang menjadi serigala 'tuk manusia yang lainnya
Manusia semakin gila
Yang kuat menguasai, yang lemah dikorupsi
Yang kaya semakin kaya, yang miskin semakin miskin
Yang pintar membodohi, yang bodoh dibudayakan
Budaya yang memiskinkan
Budaya yang merusak

A week ago, the PR  machinery that oils Ismail Sabri,  kick started communication campaign on MARA Digital Mall and in the process exposed themselves as a MAJOR liability for the Prime Minister.  READ :  We can register profits at MARA Digital Mall because of the low rental,. says traders who are urging the Prime Minister to give a second lease of life.

LET's. hope this time around,. the Digital Mall will not go against the grain of sensible economic concepts,. enriching a very few at the expense of so many.

MARA Digital Mall,. version 1.0, empowered the likes of WGN Scan Sdn Bhd, the the anchor tenant and main supplier for products at Mara Digital Mall..  

ENTREPRENEURSHIP can be harness in many ways, but the strangers way to do it and end up shooting your own backside is to kill creativity,. Muzzle negotiating skills by forcing all your tenants to buy from s single source.