Wednesday 10 August 2022

Annuar Musa On The 66th Day : Get Down On It !!!

is one of the  signature songs  of the American R&B group,. Kool & the Gang , which hit the top ten on both sides of the Atlantic , way back in 1981 .

SIXTY SIX days ago, on June 6, 2022, Communications Minister Annuar Musa said the Government is aware that the people want information. 

WOW, a TEN FOLD increase in strategic communications budget.  By right every sane Malaysian should have been informed by now if the report on Maxis and it's participation on 5G  is accurate or not.  READ : Did Maxis reject or accept terms for the 5G rollout ?.

Standing on the wall?
Get your back up off the wall
 Tell me
How you gonna do it if you really don't wanna dance
By standing on the wall
Get your back up off the wall
'Cause I heard all the people sayin'
Get down on it, come on

GET DOWN ON IT and give us the low down on what is happening with regards to Maxis and 5G in under Digital Nasional Bhd. 

THAT, is the least Annuar Musa can do as communications minister because Bursa Malaysia and their minnion the minority shareholders watchdog  group are sleeping away,. while Maxis shares keep rising by the DAY.