Thursday 18 August 2022

Serba Dinamik : One More Time

is the smash hit from 2003 , taken from the mysterious french electronic duo known as Daft Punk's second album titled Discovery

DISCOVERY is what we have insight if the latest accouncement in August ,is a prelude to Serba Dinamik's major shareholder hiving off more shares in the company .

One more timeOne more time
One more timeOne more time

ON  AUGUST 12, or Last Friday,. Serba Dinamik  informed the stock exchange that Mohd Abdul Karim was forced to sell a record 107 million shares  on the 9th of May  .

WHILE, there are no breaches in the sale or in the timeline of the announcement ,. one can't help but wonder if in between May 10th up to August 11,. did Mohd Abdul Karim sell or buy more Serba Dinamik shares .

AND who is the Santa Clause /Pak Pandir who has been buy up this shares despite all the trouble facing  Serba Dinamik ?