Saturday, 6 August 2022

Pejuang : SENDIRI

is the rework of MAY's  classic single which ended being a mega classic on its own right , with the haunting deep voice of  the one men band AMUK  and  the lead singer of  MAY,  Mus.  The song was released in  2007 as part of the Live @ Planet Hollywood album.

TOO bad,  Tun Dr Mahathir's  second stint  as Prime Minister  was a  big  let down,  but take nothing a way from this flawed men,  because decades ago there were times ,  he carried this nation on his bare shoulders to  claim pastures. 

Dinginnya di malam ini
Suasana pilu
Terkenang daku kembali
Sejarah silam
Setelah engkau pergi
Sepi hatiku
Terpadamalah api cinta
Musnah harapan

TUN can look back at the years but he cannot  role back those years,  leaving his current political party as the odd man out,  friends with neither UMNO nor PKR.

PEJUANG  can only survive if  there is a tie up with DAP,  but that won't happen if  the party keeps looking back and  keeps talking only of  the past.  We vote for the future and not a long ago YESTERDAY.  READ : Kalau Mahathir gagal, Azizah pun gagal juga' - Pejuang