Thursday, 4 August 2022

Top Speed (Part 2 of 2) : Axiata Celcom, RM300 million : Lost My MIND!!!

is a song recorded in 2019  by American record producer Finneas O Connor who first found fame writting and producing Billie English's maiden hit Ocean Eyes in 2015.

ARROGANCE,  daftness,  self interest or perhaps  even a case of  LOSING ITS MIND,  has caused Axiata Celcom to say NO TO MILLIONS OF RINGGIT,  and DIMINISH the marketability of  its Mobile Virtual Network Provider , associates and subsidiaries.

Never went looking for
And now you're in my head
I must have lost my mind
You're the scars on my skin
You're the past i .....

ACCORDING to Annuar Musa ,  READ ; There are an estimated 250,000 5G subscribers now in Malaysia.  

AXIATA Celcom's lack of wisdom in sitting in with Maxis and U Mobile against the Government  mandated 5G plan managed by Digital Nasional Bhd, has resulted in  all  of Malaysia's 250,000 5G subscribers falling into the lap of Francis Yeoh's  YES Mobile.

THE MVNO's partly owned by Celcom , also could not support Digital Nasional Bhd,  due Celcom's shareholding.  Some of the MVNO's such as Tune Talk  have a  larger subscriber base than YES.

NUMBERS  don't lie.  Assuming on the average a 5G subscriber spends RM100 a month,  and considering there are 250,000 subscribers,  we are looking at a revenue base of RM300 million a year.

SOME 62.5 per cent of new subscribers to YES are 5G subscribers.  YES currently has a 1.7 million subscribers as opposed to 1.3 million subscriber base at end of 2021.