Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Dial V for Victory or V for Vanquished. Axiata Group : Head Like A HOLE

is the second single released from industrial rock group Nine Inch Nails 1990 debut album Pretty Hate Machine. The single peaked at number  nine on Billboard's Bubling Hot Under 100 chart .

THE  next time you see a cute Axiata advertisment,. just remember that this is a company listed in VIEW : The Dirty List, Friends of the Myanmar Junta.

God money, I'll do anything for you
God money, just tell me what you want me toGod money, nail me up against the wallGod money, don't want everything he wants it all
Head like a holeBlack as your soulI'd rather die than give you control

AXIATA has spent more than RM1 billion over the past seven years in Myanmar where it has built a very profitable business,.but now cannot bring back its profits to Malaysia.  Neither can it list  it's tower owning business due to the blood stain stigma  of the military junta.

PERHAPS it's time for Axiata to write off Myanmar from its books as a non performing asset atleast until humanity is restored in Myanmar.