Tuesday 23 August 2022

FACEBOOK king is dead?

is the single  from the Australian hip hop band that has been inactive since 2013.

 MALAYSIA's. Facebook king Najib Razak is good as dead politically,  with his imprisonment,  exposes the wrong gamble strategically  the former Prime Minister had taken.

THE Bossku platform should have been built for either his son or daughter instead, from the very beginning.

WILL imprisoning Najib Razak, brighten the chances of Ismail Sabri ?  I doubt it, because Ismail Sabri has failed to make the jump, every Malaysian. Prime Minister had managed to do before him

Turned us into a nation of hatersFar right appeaserBeliever in whatever get you leaderDog whistle through the speakersSee who bites it
I noticed a hell of a lot of people liked itAn ethical choice is simpler if you price itConquer by dividing

ISMAIL Sabri is stuck in the past and his friends are no better.