Wednesday 31 August 2022

ON Merdeka Day : China, 360, and 7 :. Only God Knows WHY !!!!

is from the ground breaking 1998, Diamond sales  status album, Devil Without A Cause  from Kid Rock, that is listed as among The 1001 albums you should listed before you die.

AS a Malaysian, I am freaking pissed with the allegations blowing on Twitter and You Tube that China knew and still knows where that  overweight Jho Low was and possibly now is still in the Mainland .

Gone for way too long
Maybe I forgot all the things I missOh, somehow I know there's more to life than thisI said it too many times and I still stand firmYou get what you put inAnd people get what they deserve

CHINA,.  must take to court the authors of these allegations if they are not true but silence or issuing a denial will no longer do,. considering most of the nation has now seen photographs of  conmen Jho Low enjoying himself at that Disneyland which is near  Teh Soon Seng's Waterpark in Shanghai .

A 360 DEGREE, change in attitude is what we demand from CHINA,. If indeed the communist country is a friend of the Malaysian people.

HANDOVER Jho Low  the Malaysian people's representative Polis DiRaja Malaysia  IMMEDIATELY or end being looked at as the bad odoursof the  number  SEVEN in Chinese numerology in the eyes of the Malaysian people. READ :  Number Seven are likely to not care about others. They gradually become unmerciful and apathetic in the eyes of their friends

WE got what we DESERVE from China,.  for electing and then beholding power,.prestige and higher office for the likes such as  Hishamuddin Hussein ,who downgraded Malaysia in the eyes of the  World by stupidly  READ. :      National Disrespect of the highest order.

WE should punish politicians friendly with China if the COMMUNIST  do not deliver Jho Low to US.

A DIGNIFIED China must make that 360 degree turn and redeem itself, or the communist nation, will see itself slip further down the slide , in a Malaysia which awaits the next life changing  360 hours. READ :  The number 360 is divisible by every number from 1 to 10, aside from 7.

ONLY God Knows Why, it shall be better or worse for all of us what transpires over the next 15:days or 360 hours with the likes of Rosmah Mansor, Zahid Hamidi and that MP of Baling having their day in court.