Monday 8 August 2022

Di Puji Tak Terbang, Di Hina Tak Tumbang : Malaysia's Inai Kiara, AWAS : Hati Syaitan. !!!

Is a single from Sofea,. Malaysia's  version of Motley Crew and Kiss.  The single is taken from the Battle of the Bands album,. which was released. In 1986.

INAI kiara as well as Malaysian cable laying  shipowners should pray hard that Anthony Loke does not make a comeback  as Transport Minister upon conclusion of the next general election.

ANTHONY Loke,.lust for power is understandable because it comes with the territory when you are in national politics . READ : Anthony Loke is not happy that he was a minister for only 22:months.

WHAT is NOT ACCEPTABLE,. Is Anthony  Loke has painted a picture of himself as a politician lacks the basic principles,. a leader should have.

ASSUMING ,. Anthony Loke 's wish comes true. READ : Anthony Loke willing to work with UMNO after next GE to form a government.

DOES this mean that Anthony Loke is willing to do a flip flop and support  the National Cabotage Policy?  Does,. this also mean,.that Anthony Loke who for months had falsely accused Inai Kiara,. will now suddenly be their number one champion?

Mengalih setiap
Pandangan manusia
Yang benar kau palsukan
Seumpama syaitan

Kau membenci
Sesama sendiri
Menurut nafsu hati

OR is Anthony Loke a Trojan horse who will attempt  to victimise these companies 

WHAT or WHO Anthony Loke is, I do not know. This much I can tell you :. The guy smells, feels and talks like a politician with NO PRINCIPLES.