Thursday 18 August 2022

Serba Dinamik. How they kill a : Mockingbird.

is the fifth single from Eminem's fifth album,. Encore,.released in 2004 to critical and commercial acclaim.

IF there should be an ENCORE, on the drama at Serba Dinamik, it should be on how the company is being killed like a Mockingbird.

THE people at Serba Dinamik should live in fear, as their innocence is being destroyed on all fronts,.by unseen hands.

I can see you're sadEven when you smileEven when you laughI can see it in your eyesDeep inside, you wanna cry'Cause you're scared

SCARED is what you should be feeling when you sell your assets,.take a zero haircut to settle your debts in full, but the bankers refuse to allow you to reinstate your accounts, which means , you will not be able to recover .

EXPECT  more firesales at Serba Dinamik,.but have you wondered who is buying up all these assets so eagerly  on all fronts despite  the gloomy outlook of the world economy .

FOR example last Friday, Serba Dinamik announced that in May some 14 per cent of Mohd Abdul Karim's stakeholding in Serba Dinamik had been foresold .

WHO bought this 100 million odd shares and what force on earth has managed to keep the Serba Dinamik shares virtually unchanged between 0.095 Sen to 10 Sen all this while?

ADD this to the stubborn silence of the EPF  on what it did or did not do with the remaining shares in Serba Dinamik and one may come to the conclusion that all roads lead to READ :  Petrus,. AKA St Peter,. who holds the key to...