Monday 22 August 2022

Ringgit Malaysia , We Haven't Had This Experience Since 1988 :. Inflation Blues

is a 1987 released single from the man described by ALL Music as single most important electric guitarist of the last half of the 20th century.  The one and only B B King.

THE Jihad againstl inflation led by Annuar Musa, best brace itself for an experience we haven't had since 1988.

You got me frustratedAnd I don't know what to do
I'm trying to make a livingI can't save a centIt takes all of my moneyJust to eat and pay my rent

BACK in 1998,. In the month of. January the Riinngit flirted briefly against the US. Dollar at RM4.5022.

THE ringgit will likely break the 1988 barrier next Monday in the event, the CPI figures to be released this Friday by Bank Negara does not beat expectation.

I BELIEVE,  neither inflation or recession is avoidable down the road, but how steep it will be in Malaysia depends on TWO CORE INTERNAL factors, namely :. LEADERSHISP and CONFIDENCE

DO we have the brains, testicles and courage that we had in 1988, to put confidence in heart of capitalist and industrialist?.  

TUN Dr Mahathir is on the wrong side of the 90's to carry us on his shoulders to safety while Najib Razak, who had the foresight to open up the economy, especially on be the Bumiputra shareholding requirements for the likes of the financial markets, GRAB and FOOD PANDA looks doomed for jail time.

BECAREFUL of what you wish for especially for those who are gloating that Najib Razak is heading to jail.  Life would have been much harder for most Malaysians during the lock down period, if there was no GRAB and FOOD PANDA.

TODAY, we as well as the world are on the cusp of this century's greatest crisis that is slowly adding ingredients in a pot which already has the war in Ukraine , an on the edge Taiwan, a Covid 19  alive enough to distrub the global supply chain  to create a wickedly storm.

THE question, we must ask ourselves, are, do we have all our best men in front or are we burrying our best chances just to spite our noses?