Monday 29 August 2022

Securities Commission & Minnion :. These Hoes Ain't Loyal

was a 2014 top tenner for Chris Brown & Lil Wayne, taken from Brown's sixth album titled X,  which peaked at number two on the billboard album charts.

X, and that too, a very BIG X, i might add on how or WHY,.the NST, Focus Malaysia, Kosmo, Berita Harian and Sinar Harian decided to publish at the same time a piece by a Universiti Teknologi MARA lecturer, Wan Mohd Farid Wan Zakaria on Top Glove Bhd.  

FIRST but not foremost, Mohd Farid from UiTM,  should stick to writing on what he knows rather than what he believes in. 

FOREMOST, though is these publications may have broken the law, by publishing the article,.because Wan Mohd on!Farid Wan Zakaria is not licensed to give or provide investment advise to the public.  READ :  SC warns unlicensed investment advisers of jail penalty.

WHAT is the Securities Commission and Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group going to do about this matter in order to protect the working class Malaysian from being hoodwinked by UNLICENSED financial advise?

Whoa these hoes ain't loyalYeah, yeah, let me seeYeah, let me seeYeah, let me seeLet me seeOh these hoes ain't loyal

THE Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group has been very linient with Top Glove Bhd. READ : MSWG : Let's all give Top Glove the benefit of the doubt on its share buy back.

MIND you this was at the time the market was smart enough to recognise READ :Bonus issue and sharebuy backs when done at about the same time destroys shareholder value