Sunday 12 February 2023

Anwar Ibrahim : Harga Barang Naik

is a song by Ratu Farah Diva, about the price of goods that keep shooting up.

ANWAR Ibrahim's Government wants the private sector to reduce prices of goods, yet the Government itself which is in charge of utilities is killing the commen men.

NOT satisfied with nearly killing small and medium enterprises, supermarket operators, the Anwar Ibrahim regime now wishes to take it a step further.

berasnya mahal makan rumput
ayam nya mahal makan batu
buat apa aku setia
kalau lompat lagi masyuk
berasnya mahal tak payah makan 
minyak nya mahal tak payah jalan 
mas kawin mahal tak payah kawin

A step further , by now increasing the READ : IWK charges by 25 per cent