Monday 20 February 2023

PART 2 : Kereta Electrik, Anak mas Anwar Ibrahim : Drive

is the highest charting single for the American rock band the cars, which the third track from the band's 1984, Heartbeat City.

WITH his protruding teeth, he looks like a bloody fool, and certainly no match for the charismatic Anwar Ibrahim.  

LOOKS often deceive, but then again this man, is no great orator like Anwar Ibrahim, and I have my doubts, by just using his gab, he will be able to even sell a heater to an Eskimo.

Who's gonna tell you when
It's too late?
Who's gonna tell you things
Aren't so great?
You can't go on thinking
Nothing's wrong, oh oh
Who's gonna drive you 

MEET Abang Johari Openg, a leader with wisdom, whom Sarawakians should be thankful is leading the state into the future.

UNLIKE, Anwar Ibrahim, the Sarawak Prime Minister, has the wisdom of not placing all his eggs in the same basket, as  he has his sights on catching the first flight to the future, by investing time and resources into technologies that will reap a fortune, perhaps four decades from today.

ANWAR Ibrahim has foolishly placed all his eggs in the EV basket, but Johari Openg has had the foresight to split his odds. READ :Sarawak Launches South East Asia’s First Integrated Hydrogen Production Plant and Refueling Station, Unveils Hydrogen Buses.

ABANG Johari Openg, DRIVES READ :Sarawak Premier Abang Jo Now Drives Hydrogen-Powered Toyota Mirai, while Anwar Ibrahim has been self obsessed on the EV cars, without even giving the Hydrogen powered cars a second look.

WHICH is better is besides the point, because technology will evolve, so what is second best today in terms of performance which is actually the Lithium powered cars, might be the top gun latter, just like the hydrogen powered cars, that may not be commercially viable at this point, might the commercial focal point decades from now.

THE EV cars, regardless of technological progress are an environmental disaster, and a threathen the existence of  mankind because READ : Electric cars threaten water resources

ABANG Johari Openg DRIVES a Mirai, the Japanese term for the FUTURE, while we in West Malaysia have a Prime Minister, who thinks it is a great idea, that public money should either be used directly or to be used to fully underwrite and subsidise the infrastructure reguired for EV cars to be commercially viable. READ : The Manhattan Institute : Governments are spending billions of dollars to subsidize electric vehicles.

I doubt it, and it will show come budget day, where the nation will get a linguistic master class from Anwar Ibrahim, but beyond that the Finance Minister, has his wings clipped, because Anwar Ibrahim, did not have a plan of action in place, even before he stepped into office.

MALAYSIA has a front row seat this Friday to discover the Ocean wide gap in talking the good talk, and walking that talk. Anwar Ibrahim is an ill prepared Prime Minister and Finance minister who is not built to walk the TALK