Thursday 23 February 2023

Goldman Sachs : Hungry Like A Wolf

is taken from Duran Duran's second studio album titled Rio  which was released in 1982, and was a top 5 hit on both sides of the Atlantic .

PARLIAMENT is in session yet, not even a single member of Parliament had stood up and demanded that the Government, disclose in a transparent manner and in full the agreement it signed with Goldman Sachs .

In touch with the groundI'm on the hunt, I'm after youSmell like I sound, I'm lost in a crowdAnd I'm hungry like the wolf

THE US$2.5 billion settlement of which Malaysia hasn't received the money in full yet, was placed under the official secrets Act by Muhyiddin Yassin's Government.

ONE of the few people who is privy to the deal is Tengku Zafrul,  whoes brother, Tengku Zuhri is married to Fara Nadia Abd Rahim, while Fara's eldest sister is married to Muhyiddin Yassin's eldest son.

ISMAIL Sabri's Government did try to investigate, with the trail to that investigation leading to i-Serve Online Mall and its affiliates. READ : i-Serve Online Mall proceeds with judicial review bid as BNM unfreezes some accounts.

OF course the BERSATU MPs will not raise this issue in Parliament and neither will the PAS member of Parliament, because talk is anywhere between RM118 million and RM800 million could have exchanged hands to give Goldman Sachs a sweet deal.   

BUT why are the DAP and PKR MPs sitting in silence ????