Sunday 19 February 2023

PART 1 : Kereta Electrik, Anak mas Anwar Ibrahim : Pergi Sulit, Bertahan Sakit.

is the sentimental song that won hearts, hits, ticks and likes across the Malay archipelago in 2019, mesmerised by the haunting vocals of Reza Pahlevi.

A  nation on the regress, will have  leaders low on ethics, wisdom and foresight to move the nation towards the right direction, rather they will find their comfort in the numbers. . 

ANWAR Ibrahim prides himself as being one of the best Finance Minister in Asia, decades ago when Tun Mahathir was the Prime Minister.

DURING those days, and this the very senior editors will admit to it,  that Tun Mahathir oversaw the the larger concepts in the Finance and Works Ministry. The ministers merely executed the implementation of Dr Mahathir's vision for the nation.

HAVING said that, I will acknowledge this much,  that I do not know if Anwar Ibrahim is as good as his impressive  resume .

 WHAT I do know is Anwar Ibrahim is way past his sell date, based on the here and now. 

HE, looks to me as a Finance Minister, that is swayed by headlines rather than the technicalities involved. 

THIS is very obvious, on how Anwar Ibrahim and his band of ministers, seem to have fallen in love with Electric Vehicles.

Pergi sulit,
Bertahan sakit
kisah ini 
Sungguhlah pahit

THOSE magical words above, best describes, how a leader that lacks wisdom, is hell bent on dragging Malaysia with the EV herd to the so called promised land.

MIND you when the sheeps are many and in groups they form a sort of herd mentality, an omen that the slaughtering won't be that far behind.

HOW many remember or even have heard of MyKar? Meet READ : Mykar - prototaip kereta elektrik Malaysia, jarak perjalanan 150 km, harga bawah RM 50k

TO take Malaysia into the EV promise land, won't be easy as it will involve billions of the people's money to subsidise the EV  business model.

 AND if we ever get there,  don't be too confident that we will like where we are, but rather rue the fact that many were taken by the excitement of the moment, from men who have lost the most important ingredient to rule : WISDOM

PART 2 : A leader with wisdom : DRIVE