Friday 24 February 2023

Dear Wong Chen of Parti Keadilan Rakyat : I'm with stupid

was the lead single from the Pet Shop Boy’s 2005 album Fundamental. The upbeat synthpop track is a metaphor for the "special relationship"  between then Prime Minister Tony Blair and then US President George W Bush.

DEAR, Wong Chen can you stop pretending to be a brilliant ass, when you are a proven but not certified dumb fart.

I'm with Stupid
Oh-oh, I'm with Stupid
Oh-oh, I'm with Stupid
See you on the TV

SO, Wong Chen, you want to know why Petronas don't want to even meet you or give you the time of day as how you lamented on your Facebook post . READ : It's okay if Petronas don't want to meet me.

I will tell you why Wong Chen,  because only an idiot will come up with such a math like you have done. A RM 60 billion investment, with a ROI of ten per cent,should then generate a return of RM60 billion.

DEI, Wong Chen stop making a fool of yourself. Stop it now, before dogs start barking at you, children throw stones at you,and adults start laughing at you