Thursday 16 February 2023

Razifi Ramli & Anwar Ibrahim : China in Your Hand

is the best selling single from the British 1990s band T''pau led by Carol Decker , who despite their numerous hits called it quits in 1992.

ATTENTION Rafizi Ramli and Anwar Ibrahim,  please learn from our life long friend, the Middle Kingdom, China on how to stir the property market, which must be one of the cornerstone of your up coming budget. This must be one of the epicentre of your economic growth plan, if not we will be in for a rough ride.

On a scheme he had
Told in a foreign land
To take life on earth
To the second birth

WHY stir the property market, you may ask? Well for one thing, you need to follow the numbers . READ :PropertyGuru: Malaysia’s property demand down as prices rise in Q4 2022.

SO what is China doing to stir the property market and with that their domestic economy?

ALSO for landed properties, give out 95 year long loans, so that maybe two or three generations, can help service those loans.  Again this is not my idea, but I am learning from China, and tweaking it a bit here and there.

PS, don't be stupid and extend, a longer term loan tenure for personal loans because it can turn out to be a regressive loan.