Sunday 26 February 2023

Wooi, Harga Barang Naik lah : Raja Bohong

is a song released in 2010 and is the most famous song, from the musical trio called the Petir Band which has been in existence since 2009.

NOW that the entire world knows that Anwar Ibrahim is basically toxic among the Malay community, and will most likely lose his job this year, the pressure on the man himself is about to explode.

Dasar kamu memang tak tahu malu
Bohong-bohong lagi, kamu berbohong lagi
Dasar kamu memang si raja bohong
Jangan, jangan-jangan kau penipu
jangan-jangan ku tertipu, dua kali.

APPARENTLY, with Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister,the price of even chillies have gone up so much that people can't afford them READ :CAP: Red chillies now priced at RM20 per kg, coriander leaves RM32 per kg