Saturday 18 February 2023

Anwar Ibrahim's EV Budget is : Songsang.

is a song from Search, one of the country's most popular rock band's. The song is taken from the rockers 1989 best seller Fenomena.

LETs, not wait for Anwar Ibrahim to unveil the nation' budget in the coming week. 

I can tell you there will be plenty of fancy terms linguistically, followed as usual with the media hailing it as a budget required in these trying times.

THE truth is the Prime Minister has failed us in his EV policy, which only benefits  the rich as they are the only once who can afford these vehicles.

Biarkan saja
Nafsu menghantui dirimu
Aku kan langkahmu agar tak sumbang
Lepas⁰kankan dirimu agar tak songsang.

CAN Anwar Ibrahim say with a straight face, that by giving tax exemptions plus AP waivers, this  will lead to a less polluted Malaysia?

HE might say it, but factually, more EV cars here, the more dirty energy we utilise, as EV cars need electricity and in Malaysia we are still using dirty energy like coal to generate our electricity.

MALAYSIA faces a double jeapordy, 1 a loss of revenue due to tax waivers for EV vehicles, estimated to be in region of RM500 million.

DOUBLE that quantum, is the amount of money that will slip away from Malaysia , to purchase those mainly imported EV's.

 ANWAR Ibrahim's EV policy exposes the Malaysia Madini as valid on paper only, as the leadership has lost touch with the B40 masses.READ : MITI says EV's priced at RM120,000 are affordable

RM120,000 is beyond affordable, as laymen we know that, but it doesn't surprise me one bit that it may slipped Anwar Ibrahim's grasp, considering the B40 with their Malaysian made Perodua are paying more tax than millionaires who drive EV vehicles. 

MUST be the epitome of equality, that only a Prime Minister, who can talk a good talk but beyond the warm air is just another great pretender.