Saturday 11 February 2023

Ismail Sabri must be thinking : Janganlah sanjung kaduk naik junjung (Intan Payung)

is a song from Bunga ,the tudung wearing hip hopper, with a little help from her relative, Noraniza Idris. The song hit the airwaves in 2021.

WHEN Ismail Sabri , stands up to speak in Parliament this coming week, demanding Anwar Ibrahim to change his ways, he no longer will be speaking as the penyu as most Malaysians call him.

HE, will be speaking, as the Prime Minister who delivered Malaysia's best performing economic performance in 22 years, a feat achieved with so many PAS members of Parliament , appointed by Muhyiddin Yassin as Ministers keeping their portfolios. READ : Ismail Sabri's Malaysia posted a growth unrivaled in 22 years.

Ala payung la payung si intan payung Dipandang rendah setahun jagung Perlahan dayung asal sampai ke hujung 
Janganlah sanjung kaduk naik junjung

THE man who helped Ismail Sabri, who is now the current MITI minister, Tengku Zafrul, might be thinking , how on earth did  both men lose their jobs , one as Prime Minister, and the other as Finance Minister to Anwar Ibrahim, who now says he can only achieve less than 58 per cent of what those two men achieved. READ:Malaysia's growth will slowdown under Anwar Ibrahim to 4.7 per cent