Monday 27 February 2023

Part 3 : Besnya Si Anwar Ibrahim boleh : Pergi Mampus Dengan Mulut Orang

is a hip hop song from internet motivator Andika Putera with a little help from  Snipersosa. The single was released about three years ago.

ANWAR Ibrahim, can you please explain why on earth has the allocation for the Finance Ministry been increased by a massive 125 per cent to RM 67.24 billion from RMRM29.87 billion. 

Tak pula sakit bila dikeji
Apa nak jadi 
Aku tak peduli
Aku just buat 
Untuk rasa HAPPY

WHY, have you prioritise, your political ambitions over education?  Are you trying to buy support among the 71 per cent of Malays in West Malaysia,who are not happy with you? It won't work, Anwar Ibrahim, the reason they will not support you has nothing to do with money or politics.

ANWAR Ibrahim are you planning to rule by decree, with the state elections in mind, like the your counterpart from years ago, the highly corrupt Ferdinand Marcos . READ : MARCOS DEFENDS HIS POWER TO RULE BY DECREE.

IS that also the main reason, why you have appointed incompetent people  as your advisors such as  your own daughter, READ : Nurul Izzah, who is not competent.