Friday 10 February 2023

Anwar Ibrahim's Elon Musk : Trouble in Paradise

is a track taken from Huey Lewis & The News, self named debut album, which was released in 1980 with very muted success.

CONSPICUOUSLY absent from Anwar Ibrahim's vist to Thailand is any mention of  visiting factories owned by READ : Somphote Ahunai, the man, Anwar Ibrahim said is the Elon Musk of Thailand.

SO what and why is this a big deal ?

Plenty of lines but nothing to say.
Said I, seen this movie
And it don't end nice.
Looks like trouble in paradise.

WELL the big deal is, the electronic vehicle gospel according to Anwar Ibrahim, would have us believe they 
Somphote Ahunai, who is CEO of  Energy Absolute (EA) is the EV prophet that will change the Malaysian EV landscape.

IN, January,  Anwar Ibrahim proudly  shared Somphote Ahunai' s visit to his office on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

ANWAR  Ibrahim claimed , EA and  Computer Forms Bhd, a book printing company  will develop green technology in Malaysia