Saturday 25 February 2023

The Unity Government's state of : Disunity

is song from, Timeless Rag, a Symphonic Power Metal Band, that hails from Germany, the same land that gave us group's like Scorpions decades ago.

THE unity Government may be united in governing but they are certainly not united when it comes to standing for elections.

UNLESS of course the DAP is willing to eat crow and humbly surrender seats it to took donkey years to win and nurture in Selangor to MCA and MIC such as the seats in Klang and greater Klang 

And what the hell you´re saying? 
You´re under my spell
It´s like a masquerade. 
You´re a devil in disguiseA smile on your face, 
but with eyes cold as ice.

WITH Zahid Hamidi already stating READ : Barisan to use own logo in coming state elections, it seems that the seeds of disunity have already been sown.

SELANGOR have 36 seats where the Malays , have a 60 per cent majority. Between 3 to 6 seats, where it has a 50 per cent majority.

DAP is good for 17 seats and Amanah up to 3 seats, while PKR is good for only 4 seats, meaning the state will fall, and demands will grow boisterously louder for Anwar Ibrahim to GO.