Tuesday 7 February 2023

EV : the future's too bright, I gotta wear shades

was a top 20 hit on both sides of the Atlantic, for Timbuk 3, the Grammy Best New Artist nominee of 1987, who should have won but never did.

THE future must be extremely bright for the Electronic Vehicle business in Malaysia , although our EV market is based on importing these vehicles rather than creating a home grown sector strong enought to fulfill the Malaysian demand. 

BUT, this is just a very minor grouse in a much larger shit hole for the B40 men, as opposed to the happiness it brings to the elite rich like Anwar Ibrahim.

Fifty thou a year'll buy a lot of beer
Things are going great, and they're only getting better
I'm doing alright, getting good grades
The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades
I gotta wear shades

HOW much beer has the Malaysian EV policy bought for the super rich? READ : There are more than 10,000 EV of which some 2600 vehicles came on board in 2022.

ASSUMING, each vehicle got a tax rebate or were not taxed to the tune of RM100,000, the Government would have lost RM 1 Billion, enough money to put every B40 child into a public university for free.

SO is this loss of RM1 billion , the greatest negative effect on the B40 men, his wife and children? NO, as the Government has decided to rob the B4O community by putting the cart before the horse solely for the benefit of the privileged rich.

HOW is this possible you may ask ? Well the answer is simple. What do you need to CHARGE the EV car batteries? ELECTRICITY.

HOW is electrivity generated in Malaysia? According to the highly credible Yusof Ishak Institute of Singaporefossil fuels (coal, oil,and gas), which are a major source of air pollution, are the major sources of electricity 
production. They account for at least 80% of the electricity production for Malaysia.

SO there you have it folks, the rich are getting tax breaks to bring in EV cars, so that more fossil fuel emissions can be released into the B40 men's environment, so that the poor underclass can develop cancer and die much earlier.  

THERE is a saying attributed to one of Islam's greatest Prophet :  first clean the inside of the house, before you proceed to clean the outside.  

BUT, in Madini Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim has decided to do exactly the opposite by boosting the number of EV cars on the road, without first greenifying how electricity is generated in Malaysia.

WHO benefits from this? Not the religious men, not the B40 men, but the uber rich, who can afford not to take a salary, hire his daughter, who will also not only not take a salary, but has gone a step further, by havings aides, who only the Almighty knows, how their wages are being paid by her.