Tuesday 21 February 2023

Part 2 : Bersatu's Broken : Rasputin

is the hit song from Boney M that made it back to the top ten of the UK charts this year after some 44 years from its original release in 1978.

BACK in December 5, 2022,  I already knew that the first on the list, the first to go will be Wan Saiful Wan Jamak, the now ex communication chief of Perikatan Nasional.

THIS is what I had written back in December to describe the fate that will fall Wan Saiful Wan Jamak :

And his hunger for power
Became known to more and more peopleThe demands to do somethingAbout this outrageous manBecame louder and louder
"This man's just got to go", declared his...

FROM a PAS London member, to an NGO fighter for the hardcore poor, to a Parti Keadilan Rakyat candidate in GE14, and then as the chief spin doctor for Bersatu and Perikatan Nasional, Wan Saiful, already knew that his days were numbered as communication chief, as a former Anwar Ibrahim favourite Ratu Naga, took a more active role in Perikatan Nasional.

BERSATU however cannot afford to keep Wan Saiful out of the lime light as well as out of sight despite READ : Bersatu's Wan Saiful Charged With Asking and Receiving RM6 million in bribes, because this men is a notorious jumper