Wednesday 22 February 2023

Anwar Ibrahim's so called Thai Elon Musk partner is a : Wild One

is a song from the hit maker FloRida' s fourth studio album of the same name that was released in 2012. Additional vocals for the stock was provided by Australia's Sia.

IS Muhamad Umar Swift's Bursa Malaysia running scared, to quiz Computer Forms Malaysia Bhd with a UMA, on why its share price is acting very strangely, solely because Computer Forms have a RM100 agreement, with the  Elon Musk of Thailand, who have friends in very high places such as the Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim himself?

Hey I heard you are a wild oneOoohIf I took you home it'd be a home runShow me how you do

AS you can see from the chart above, Computer Forms stock fell 41 sen mid day due to heavy dumping before recovering some of its losses to close 5 Sen lower at RM2.65.

MALAYSIANS  must ask themselves some serious questions, such as why did Anwar Ibrahim promote this venture on his personal Facebook, considering the owner of Computer Forms had made some wild claims months ago about the company's direction?  

IS this EV venture genuine? If it is then why is the stock falling like there is no tomorrow, just a day before Anwar Ibrahim is gonna lay down an EV friendly budget?

INVESTORS who lost money, by investing in Computer Forms , and those who watched them lose money , after Anwar Ibrahim personally brought this venture to the limelight by giving it prime time space on his Facebook and Twitter , must surely ask themselves this question can they afford to believe anything that comes out of Anwar Ibrahim's mouth on Budget Day.?