Sunday 19 February 2023

MACC : Every Breath You Take

is a chart topping unlike no other, from one of the most commercially talented group of all time, the Police, led by Sting, a former maths teacher.

MUHYIDDIN Yassin, being a  very seasoned politician spelled it out clearly READ :MACC has confirmed I’m not a suspect in the Jana Wibawa programme probe.

THE  events, which took place over the past  24 hours, have vindicated the Pagoh Member of Parliament at the expense of Anwar Ibrahim's persona.

Every breath you takeAnd every move you makeEvery bond you breakEvery step you take

THOSE four lines above, refer's to you MACC, especially the head, Azam Baki.  The headlines today, suggest that either Azam Baki or the MACC is running scared, seeing itself trapped between a rock and a hard place 
CONSIDER this : 

DEAR AZAM BAKI, politicians are famous for double speak,  but here we have a case of Muhyiddin Yassin specifically stating that THE MACC TOLD HIM, HE IS NOT A SUSPECT.

SO, why are you beating around the bush, Azam Baki, with all the double speak. STATE in the national language clearly the following :

1) Did Muhyiddin make a false statement with malafide interest to sway public opinion on an on going investigation. State clearly, either YES or NO, if MACC had stated if Muhyiddin Yassin is a mere witness.

 ACT TWO MACC deepthroat : Muhyiddin is a suspect, Zafrul also under investigationIt is at this stage, you know that MACC has lost the plot, but more than that, even a half past six spin doctor, like the drunkard PJ/Subang one ,in Free Malaysia Today, might be able to smell a much larger story.

WHAT is the larger story ?, It's a must do for Azam Baki to hire an effective communicator for the MACC, as the agency without stating a single sentence has done the impossible.

 ONE :   Malaysia now knows that the investigation is centered specifically on the Jana Wibawa programme proposed by Tengku Zafrul.

 TWO : The personal competency of the Prime Minister of Malaysia has been placed in jeapordy.

DID Anwar Ibrahim seek the clearance of the MACC or even the Police force if those he was going to appoint to the cabinet, had half hidden skeletons, with the potential to embarrass the Government of the day?

OR, did Anwar Ibrahim appoint people to the cabinet, with the sole intentions of placing his personal interest of consolidating his Prime Ministership over the interest of Malaysia.? 

NO, one with a common sense will condemn Anwar Ibrahim as being selfish in getting a deal done with Zahid Hamidi, but to appoint a political light weight like Tengku Zafrul, who has a baggage to carry, points to something  more sinister.

 ARE there  unseen hands far greater, more deadlier, and far more darker than Zahid Hamidi, keeping Anwar Ibrahim in power?

WHO or what this power is or are, only the Prime Minister can tell us, but if the PM were to say no such force exist, then he needs to tell us on what basis, a man rejected by the people in GE 15,. Tengku Zafrul was given the MITI Ministership? 

EXPLAINATION are also in the order, on why the goal post to nail Muhyiddin Yassin keeps shifting, from RM600 billion, to now one involving the Finance Ministry, a ministry , which was not under the portfolio of Muhyiddin Yassin to begin with.

TODAY,  it is no longer, just Muhyiddin Yassin on scrutiny, as on the dock is Anwar Ibrahim's self built persona, crafted with blood, sweat and tears that took 24 years to build but self decimated within 24 hours.