Tuesday 21 February 2023

Attention Finance Minister of Malaysia : I'm with Stupid.

is taken from the heavy metal band Static X, debut album, the multiple platinum album of 1999, titled , Wisconsin Death Trip.

ATTENTION, Finance Minister of Malaysia, I'm With Stupid. Who that stupid is, I think some of us already know and come this Friday, many more people will know.

YESTERDAY,  Computer Forms Malaysia Bhd, which actually prints books for a living, announced its financial results.

He's a loser
She said (said)
She said (she said)
Yeah, it was!
Very stupid!

COMPUTER Forms  made a grand profit of RM55,000. VIEW : RM55,000 profit

THE amount is less or maybe equal to what a good roti canai seller can aspire to earn. Thank You, Anwar Ibrahim for the free promotion that you did for Computer Forms.

TODAY, the public which trusted you, and invested in Computer Forms are crying and financially dying  as the stock falls 22 sen to RM2.65.

FANTASTIC, Malaysia Madini,  trust in Anwar Ibrahim's words, and you end up losing a lot of money. SYABAS, Mr Prime Minister, enjoy the hay while the sunlight last.