Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Muhyiddin Yassin : Ennadi Meenakshi, Sonnadu ennachu?

is a Tamil song known to most Malaysians who have lived in the  1980 and early 1990 era. The song is from S.P Balasubrahmanyam.

Ennadi meenakshi
Sonnadu ennachu
Netrodu nee sonna
Vaarthai kaatrodu poyaachu

BASICALLY, the lyrics above states Whatever you have said, has gone out the window with the wind.

HAVING watched Muhyiddin Yassin's live thanks to his Facebook page, VIEW : The Muhyiddin Yassin press conference, the former Prime Minister is absolutely correct when he said no money from the Government Covid Funds went into Bersatu's coffers or that it's 2021 accounts are in good order.

THE issue, Malaysia wants to know is how about your 2022 accounts lah and why are you now saying that the accounts may not be ready, because of the SPRM investigation.

ALSO, you did not address the issue of contractors winning jobs via direct negotiations, then on supposedly their own free will donating hundreds of million ringgit collectively to BERSATU.

LAST but not least, how come Hadi Awang , the MP for Marang did not attend the press conference? Tok Guru MC ke Hari ini?