Wednesday 30 March 2022

5G Malaysia : Putar Putar

is a song by Inul Daratista, the Indonesian entertainer whoes dancing style  ,`` the goyang Inul`` was cited as reason for an anti pornogrphic bill which eventually became law in that country in 2018.

Putar-putar, putar lagi
Putar-putar, putar lagi
Putar-putar, bohong lagi
Putar-putar, putar lagi
Putar-putar, bohong lagi

Misleading narratives on 5G,  and on its implementation here in Malaysia, is as strong as ever. 

In my opinion,  the 5G  story in Malaysia is merely taking an interval, before the drama begins.

Why ?  Well it is because when you have print entities valued at few hundred million ringgit, willing to close one eye, and publish tales , it can mean only one thing : The Ball Is Still In Play.

READ : The STAR chides Malaysia : What's your secret formula, publishing Julian Gorman's misleading statement that no country has implemented the single wholesale network for 5G.

I do believe,  a country which is already a high income nation, as well as being the world's ninth largest producer of liquefied natural gas will be dissapointed that the WHITE MAN who leads GSM Association Asia Pacific does not know about READ : BRUNEI, a peaceful nation where 5G runs with a single wholesale network operator

Don't  blame the average Malaysian from being confused because there has been far too many false narratives on 5G, being put forth as the truth.

Many have the impression that Muhyiddin Yassin as Prime Minister ,  is the one who came up with the single wholesale network plan.

That too me, is stretching  the truth a bit too much.  The concept of the  plan was READ : Recommended by the National 5G task force way back in 2019.

Basically,  what this means is the Pakatan Nasional Government, followed by the Perikatan Nasional Government and now the one led by an UMNO man came to the same conclusionThe Single  Wholesale Network model is the best fit for Malaysia.  

Then you have the READ :The Zahidi Zainul Drama : On This Date DECEMBER 16 2021, Deputy Minister states : I was kept in the dark about 5G dealings  .  Although,  Annuar Musa had  set the record straight, there was actually no need to do so .

So instead of setting the record straight,  a sacking should have been the order of the day.