Saturday 19 March 2022

The Fish Head Story : While Rome Burns

Is a song the from the critically acclaimed American alternative rock band,  Son Volt's  album Union which was released in 2019.

Should the Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul resign?   He should because READ :Tengku Zafrul letak jawatan jika pengeluaran ‘one-off’ KWSP dibenarkan

Should the Prime Minister back down from this statement?  VIEW;  Malaysia PM will not 'wait even one second' to dissolve parliament if UMNO's victory is assured   because  it goes against what  he  previously said. READ : Umno cannot be seen as usurping king's authority to dissolve Parliament

Like Orwell's doublespeak
They're taking their cues And we fiddle while Rome burns
The interstates connect more than divide
Free will can

Will Muhyiddin  Yassin  and Hadi now pull out BERSATU and PAS from the Government,  because of their assertion that the PM  get their agreement first for Parliment to be dissolved?   

Will all four  gentleman do the proper thing? I doubt  it  because,  Malaysia  has a serious issue with this word ;  ACCOUNTABILITY