Sunday 27 March 2022

Ismail Sabri : The Heat Is ON!

is  the chart topper recorded by Eagles frontman Glenn Frey for the American film Beverly Hills Cop.

The heat is on  

Malaysia's  most lucky person of 2021,  Ismail Sabri. 

The heat is on, on the street
Inside your head, on every beat
And the beat's so loud, deep inside
The pressure's high, just to stay alive
'Cause the heat is on

Has Ismail Sabri's lady luck finally run its course, because everything seems to be going wrong at the same time.

The Prime Minister needs to be assertive or he will lose his job. 
Ismail Sabri is the chairman of Khazanah Nasional,  which in turn is the dominant shareholder of Axiata , which operates Celcom .

Yet Celcom is running rings  around  Digital Nasional Bhd,  the country's 5G network builder, by  breaking bread with U Mobile and Maxis.

To add salt to the wound, the announcement of the RM1500 minimum wage has firmly put the Prime Minister on the spot light. READ : MTUC: Ensure all employees get RM1,500 minimum wage

If that is not bad enough,  there is rising inflation
a finance minister who said he will resign,  but has not and a home minister who says there are people in the rulling coalition who hate his guts.

We all want Ismail Sabri to succeed but to do that it's time, the Prime Minister comes out of his cocoon!!!.