Wednesday 16 March 2022

Jong Pecah Yu Kenyang : Lagu Zaman

is a duet between  Tan Sri S M Salim,  and  Singaporean rocker,  Ramli Sarip, which basically  a snapshot on the signigicance of culture in this part of  the world.

The appointment of Onn Hafiz as the Johor Menteri Besar,  has opened an equal footing window of opportunity for the major political factions in Malaysia,  

In my opinion,   the only person  who will not be able to ride this wave, is Zahid  Hamidi ,  because his  narrative  on  the appointment  of  a rookie as MB points a picture that is loopsided.

Lagu zaman
Yang berzaman
Lagu lama dengan rasa
Cara kita orang timur
Tak mengapa
Asal suka budaya kita
Maafkanlah hamba
Andai ada terkurang adatnya

Zahid Hamidi, seems  to have forgotten Datuk Onn Jaafar's  fiery speech some 72  years ago at  Club  Sultan Sulaiman,  which  eventually led to the abolishment of  the Malayan  Union  or how a 90 something Tun Mahahir waited five hours to be sworn in as Prime Minister.

Mohd Hassan  is bright enough to know,  the silat gayong time is dreadfully near. READ : 

Najib Razak,  made a statement of intent yesterday READ : Selagi ada peluang, saya terus berjuang.

Can Ismail Sabri ride this  wave?  To ride it,  the Prime Minister should unveil a  road map for G E .

Stop  doing  the Silat Pulut stance.  The people want action,   and  they don't want their time wasted or made to look like Fool's  

Imagine  barely 24 hours had passed after the Finance Minister told Parliment,   there will be no new EPF withdrawal scheme,  the PM  says other wise