Wednesday 2 March 2022

Ismail Sabri : Some Guys Have All The Luck

is a Jeff Fortgang composition, a rare piece of music which hit  the US Top 40 twice,  first by the Persuaders in 1973 , and then by  the  former frontman of Jeff Beck Group , Rod Stewart in 1984 where it peaked at number ten.

Some Guys Have All The Luck, and no one in Malaysia has had more luck than  Ismail Sabri.

You had nothing to say
Some guys have all the luck
Some guys have all the pain
Some guys get all the breaks
Some guys do nothing but complain

No one expected him to be Prime Minister, but now during his tenure,  the luck seems to be flowing to Malaysia.

Consider this,  under Ismail Sabri,  READ :

🟥   Palm oil tops RM8,000 for first time in History

🟦   Crude Oil Tops US$107 per barrel

🟩  Demand for Malaysian Semi Conductor Is HOT

CREDIT to the Prime Minister for getting the job done his way ,  thus far.  Hence, the nation will be counting on him this Friday, so that Digital Nasional Bhd and Ericsson can bring the latest in technology to RURAL MALAYSIA  READ : DNB's 5G network to use Ericsson dynamic radio resource partitioning.

The Prime Minister  must stand firm this Friday if he truly wants to see his RURAL MALAYSIA dreams turn into REALITY!!!