Tuesday 22 March 2022

MACC clears Ericsson : Approach To Danger

is a song taken  from the Niggaz4Life album by N.W.A,  which created history in 1991,  when it became  the first hard core rap album to top the Billboard charts.

YET another,  attempt to paint a false narrative on Digital Nasional Bhd in the eyes of the public  has failed.  The MACC clears READ : Ericsson of any wrongdoing in securing 5G contract.

The investigation  was done after PKR member of Parliment Fahmi Fadzil, demanded in Parliment READ : Probe DNB-Ericsson 5G partnership for corruption, irregularities,

This not the first time, PKR has used a FALSE NARRATIVE to slur Digital Nasional Bhd,  and this is also not the first time,  that such an attempt, had ended with PKR looking IDIOTIC.

What you want is an unexpected approach
That may delay a suspects awareness of your presence
Until you have a chance to assist the situation you are confronted
Approach to danger, don't move
It's hard to predict what will happen next

Expect more man made allegations from PKR to surface  after the first week of May on  Digital Nasional Bhd,  who seems  to be more pro China than even DAP.

CREDIT,  should be given to the DAP  who when in power briefly actually helped  pull Malaysia away from a potential debt trap be axing nearly RM10 billon worth of  projects  funded by  China.  

The events now taking place in Sri Lanka,  should be awake up call all of us,  that we  should not only scrutinize the actions of  the governing party buy also  those who sit on the OPPOSING side.

CREDIT too,  that some members of the DAP  have come out and spoken on behalf of Digltal Nasional Bhd,  after engaging  Digital Nasional Bhd, Maxis, Celcom and Digj.

PKR ,  though seem  to have made up its mind,  on which side of the field the grass is greener,  and  it actions  do not invoke confidence that it is acting in the best interest of MALAYSIA.