Tuesday 15 March 2022

Annuar Musa, Digital Nasional Bhd, 5G Task Force, and Telekom Malaysia's advice since 2016 : Fool's Gold

was the Stone Roses maiden hit, from the group's self titled maiden album, which listed as among the greatest albums ever recorded on British soil.

Annuar Musa's expected announcement  on Malaysia's 5 G road map,  today,  must be seen as one of  the greatest act of learning nothing while pretending to be intelligent .

Standing alone
You're weighing the gold
 I'm watching
 You sinking
  Fool's gold

One can easily spot,  people who aspire to be leaders,  yet do not have the skill sets,  and worst still,  won't  listen to expert advise.

Considering ,  Digital Nasional Bhd,  is currently averaging a  download speed of VIEW : 618.45 MBPS, which is among the speediest in the world

The most asked question of the day,  should be why is the minister seeking relevance by wasting Malaysians time,  as well as scuttling the national 5G momentum? 

Does Annuar Musa know more than Telekom Malaysia.  Assuming he does.. will he then want us to believe that he knows much better than Mckinzie Co READ ; Network sharing and 5G: A turning point for lone riders.

You know,  it's half past six when the minister today won't be able to tell you at what price , will the telco's sell to the consumer.  Will be lower than READ  : Tengku Zafrul: DNB to charge telcos less than 20 sen per GB for 5G service