Thursday 19 May 2022

Approved Permit : KARMA

is  a song taken from Cokelat's  ground  breaking second album Rasa Baru, which is rated by the Rolling Stones magazine as one of the top 150 albums ever recorded by an Indonesian artist.

ISMAIL sabri"s announcement  on  the removal  of Approved Permit is ground breaking indeed,  though KARMA is  having  the best,  on  what ails,  the fallen  Tiger Economy -  Malaysia

Ternyata kau juga sama saja
Kau kira kupercaya semua
Sgala tipu daya oh percuma
Kau buat sempurna awalnya
Berakhir bencana

KARMA provides  the mirror  for us to ponder,  Is  this the same Ismail  Sabri  who   READ : Imposed the Bumiputera’s 51% equity in logistics: A case of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”

SO  why now  when  there is a crisis allow  ALL  Malaysians a fair crack to bring in food?  Can it be because  the Government  finally is  willing to acknowledge  what most of us already  know.

APPROVED Permits  artificially enrich a  small group of  Malaysians,   with the rest regardless if you are Malay, Iban,  Chinese or Indian carrying on their shoulders ,  the artificially high cost of  rhe AP systems. READ  :  Cars in Malaysia more expensive than in North Korea due to the approved permit syndrome and artificial tax regime.

ISMAIL Sabri ,   honour our  flag and do the right thing,  the brave thing and the decent thing : free us from the shackles  of  this AP  slavery!!!.