Tuesday 3 May 2022

Zahid Hamidi, tak malukah, Menteri UMNO ibarat : Pak Kadok, Si Pandir

is a song from  the iconic rock singer,  Ramli Sarip who keeps getting better with every passing year.  The song is taken from the rockers  Syair Timur album which was released in 1997.

Zahid Hamidi should be ashamed,  as today is yet another dark,  black and bitter day for UMNOUMNO,  which is hoping to attract fence sitters during GE 15,  should realise we are all WATCHING.

Mahukah kita kini ulangi lagi
Kisah pak kadok yang kehilangan
Tanah tergadai dek kebodohannya
Atau mampukah kita menjadi
Si pandir yang cuma berangan-angan

WHY  pick DEMAM CAMPAK and RABIES when there is less than 1000 cases per year?  Is this the way an UMNO minister should behave?  Why not choose Hiv,  VD and drug addiction  instead , which has seen the nation being robbed emotionally and economically.

UMNO claims it has changed for the better.  Well now is the time to PROVE it.  

 HAVE Najib Razak,  and  Zahid Hamidi changed enough;  that when they see something unjust in the offing from an UMNO minister,  they will stand up and put up  a good fight, or  as Khairy Jamaluddin once said semua dah mula  SYOK DGN KOOLAID