Tuesday 10 May 2022

Wee Ka Siong : Apa NAK Jadi ?

is a song from SM Salim,  who is one of the most under rated singer in the Malay universe,  due to the simplicity in how he carries each tune.  Pure Genius!!

SIX  months  ago,  Alexander Nanta Linggi,  had the nation's attention, due to the soaring price of chicken,  as well as a carrer defining allegation which the minister said isn't TRUE.  READ : Nanta denies telling consumers to eat duck due to chicken price increase.

FAST forward to the present,  the Sarawakian,  who had been named by his party for the post of Deputy Prime Minister to Ismail Sabri, has ensured that we know the quality of the Ministry of Transport under  Wee Ka Siong .

Apa nak jadi apa nak jadi
Sampai bila nak tunggu lagi
Tak boleh jadi
Hai tuan oi