Monday 2 May 2022

Mysejahtera in the MIX : Stand in Silence

is taken from the Vulcan grunge outfit,  And You Will Know US By The Trail of Dead' s 2006 studio album SO DIVIDED.

WHEN   it comes to MySejahtera, the majority of Malaysians are UNITED, the app should be allowed to die a natural death.

 KHAIRY Jamaluddin, insist otherwise preparing to pay what could be a few hundred million  Ringgit to a company that is ultimately  Singapore flagged , despite misgivings by the Parliment Acton Commitee. 

I had a house on a rock
I turned around and it had gone to rot
All that was left of me were walls of doubt
I asked a question but the world returned with silence
All that I wanted to know is where'd everyone else go?
I had a dad, I had a mom
I had a family, don't know what went wrong

RUMOURS, that the data collected via  Mysejahtera,  had been compromised  first emerged in 2020. READ : Govt ready to commission an independent audit on MySejahtera to counter claims of personal data breach.

STANDING in deafning silence are the  outcome of the audit, if it did take place,  which will go a long way in proving competence.

    The converse, requires  Khairy Jamaluddin thoughts on why due process prior to paying a third party is such a drag,  and assuring the masses on the safety aspects,  without undertaking a stress test is great governance.