Monday 9 May 2022

Ismail Sabri : Jaga HATI

is song from the ethnic singer from KelantanBienda,  with the production side being handled  by the ace hip hopper Dj  Fuzz

JAGA hati is the one thing  Ismail  Sabri's  Keluarga Malaysia  is NOT DOING. I am not sure,  what the  reaction  will be in rural Malaysia,  but on the urban side,  many are shocked.

Pergi engkau menyepi
Jaga jaga jaga hati
Jaga jaga jaga kasih
Jangan jangan jangan nanti
Kau ....

ISMAIL sabri has allowed his minister to dictate to the Rakyat,  that their views  do not matter,  rather  the minister will  utilize  the rakyat's, money as he sees fit.  WHAT TYPE OF  A  KELUARGA  is this ?

CONSIDER  this,  the rakyat is already pissed  but accepts that some kinda  of  bail out  is required to sustain jobs  in SAPURA  ENERGY GROUP .

THEY are pissed,  not with  the Government,  but rather with Sharil Shamsuddin for walking away a very wealthy man,  while Sapura  is being stripped in the open. READ : Sharil's income from Sapura topped RM443 million from 2013 to 2021

TO rub salt into the rakyat's  wounds ...Khairy Jamaluddin  insist on providing a  company partly owned by  Sharil  to participate  without any tender being called. READ :  Anwar Ibrahim names Sharil Shamsuddin and BERSATU's Megat Najmuddin as persons that will benefit from MySejahtera being allowed under Khairy Jamaluddin 's insistence projects without tender.