Saturday 14 May 2022

The Story of DNB will Be Told : Part 24: CONTROL

 is the title track for Janet Jackson's third studio album as well as the single and album that established herself as one of the most influential pop stars of  the 1980's and  1990's..

NEVER  in  the history of  Corporate Malaysia  has a slew of  government linked entities  stand against a national project,  as how the good people at  Khazanah Nasional,  and Permodalan Nasional Bhd are currently doing. READ :  WHO is the BOSS?

I thought it would be easy
Now I know I got to take
Control, now I've got a lot
Control, to get what I want
Control, never gonna stop

MAINSTREAM,  news portals are now asking the same question,   exactly  who is the BOSS ?  in Malaysia today. READ : GLC bosses against Government backed national project via Digital Nasional Bhd is akin to LAWAN TAUKEH.

A VERY GOOD analogy indeed.  A question only Prime Minister Ismail Sabri will be able to anwser. AND anwser,  he must because,  it will be difficult for us to have faith in him. READ :  Forget Tesla, give us our 5G now!

IF either the PM or Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul cannot even control some highly paid and over rated GLC  powerbrokers,  then it's best a General Election be held so that we can elect a leadership that values the power of CONTROL