Tuesday 24 May 2022

Vincent Tan leaves Celcom, Maxis and Digi: Sabotage , It's You and not ME

is  a song from Masked Wolf and  Bebe Rexha with a  little help from Eminem.  The song  hit the top 5 in the USA, Spain, Belgium,  Germany and Australia 

VINCENT Tan has broken the brotherhood of  four delinquent  telcos  who had attempted a coup against Prime Minister Ismail Sabri  and   his SPV  Digital  Nasional Bhd ,  that will bring 5G to rural Malaysia .

It's like you wanna cross wires just to cut 'em off
It's like you made the metal just so you can see the rust
Like you want the, tick-tick, boom, just to self-destruct
And I ain't sitting here waiting for you to detonate

ON U Mobile's page VIEW;  5 G is HERE..  Looks like the rebel three will surrender  before the week is over.