Thursday 12 May 2022

The TESLA story : Communication Let Me Down

is a single taken  from Spandau Ballet's  True album,  the group's first album to be recorded outside of London.  The album help turn Spandau Ballet to global super stars from a Europe centric mega band.

APART from having the required  skillsets,  one must be alert enough to grab at what ever crumbs lady luck throws our way,   and make the best out of it . READ : The Little Man Can Win : The Story Of Obama and The Crocodile Insurance That Captured The World's Attention

Communication let me down
And I'm left here
Communication let me down
And I'm left here, I'm left here again
Telex or tell me, but it's always second-hand
I'm incognito but no rendezvous's been planned

MALAYSIA was presented with a similar opportunity this year,  but we failed to make the most of it,  to our advantage . READ : From Singapore With Love : The Story Of how a Singaporean Couple Drove on AUTO PILOT Their TESLA from Singapore To Kuala Lumpur

WHO is to be blamed here?  The Foreign  Office or The Prime Minister's  Communication Department,  especially since they would  have had advanced knowledge  of  the Prime Minister's  visit to the USA.  READ : Ismail Sabri : I have invited TESLA to invest in Malaysia.

WHO the Prime Minister met and how high up they are in Tesla is very vague  in  the report.  What is clear though is the spin doctors from Jakarta  have taken the global centre stage.  READ : Elon Musk, the World's Richest Man, says he will reschedule his appointments to meet with Indonesia's Jokowi