Friday 3 May 2024

Aeronerve, the naughty drone company.

BACK on February 22, 2024, I had urged that READ : Malaysia needs to shut down the operations of the Aman Palestine powered Technerve Technology Solutions Sdn Bhd, which is commonly referred to as Aeronerve.

EVEN as early as December last year, the USA hasn't been pleased with the transfer of drone know how from Malaysia to West Asia. READ : US imposes fresh sanctions on Iran-related drone production network; include entities based in Malaysia, Indonesia.

THE Treasury Department's top sanction official, will definitely be discussing IRANIAN oil, which, I gather  centre' on READ :how on earth is China able to buy twice as much as Malaysia actually produces.

EVEN a sniff of a possible sanction will cause mayhem on the Ringgit, with foreign funds pulling out of the equity and government bond market.

OF course,  some people say, that China can definitely fill any gap left by the USA. This is of course true, but let's not forget it is not the USA, which is claiming Malaysian territory and often violating over sovereignity.

THAT , blackspot honour belongs to China. Being very friendly with China without the USA near our doorsteps is akin to allowing the wolf to guard the sheep.