Thursday 9 May 2024

Sarawak Cable Bhd, but what about the story of lulus tidak berselam, hilang tidak bercari?

iF you are wondering why I have written on READ : the Sarawak Cable white knight deal collapsing, rest assured, I will be doing something about it, but not for today.

TODAY, i would like to highlight  how minority shareholders of a certain company has been caught in a situation, best described as ; lulus tidak berselam, hilang tidak bercari?

BASICALLY, nobody wants to help minority shareholders of this company, because it is linked to the son, of a secret and very powerful  politician.

HOW powerful, you might ask? Well powerful enough to collapse the Madani Government at any given time inside 24 hours.

I won't name the politician, but the company's name is Artroniq Bhd, which some two months ago was VIEW : exposed by an American Actor.

PRIOR to being exposed through, Artroniq managed to raise some RM36 million for the said project.

WHAT action has the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia taken? Absolutely NOTHING.